Say you love me, Even if it's not true.

Hamish! John Hamish Watson, just if you’re looking for baby names.

If only he knew.



i don’t understand valentines day


i don’t understand valentines day

The only thing that’d make this better is if he was here with me to snuggle up with and watch tv and take a nap.

Why the heck is it that when I ask my mom to take me to the store she flips shit but let my dad ask and she drops everything to do it. He’s grown he can drive himself. I on the other hand can’t. So wtf.

He’s perfect.

Sherlock is perfect. So why the hell does Netflix not have all 3 seasons? I only have two to watch. And I’m almost done with the first season. 3 episodes in the first two seasons. What is this madness. I need MORE. LIKE NOW.

Man Crush Monday?


This man. Without a doubt.

How can you not love those curls?

He goes from adorable cutie

To sex God so easily

But there’s more to him than good looks

He’s a kind man, loving towards everyone, patient, caring

He isn’t arrogant, he hasn’t let fame go to his head, he’s ‘down to earth’

This man ^ is not just a ‘man crush’ he is a brilliant, talent, kind man, who deserves all the luck he has in life.


*Sherlock annoyed*

My baby.